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Our mission is to transform construction sites into impeccable spaces ready to welcome their occupants. By committing to provide a post-construction cleaning service of the highest quality, We aim to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of cleanliness, reliability, and satisfaction. Each project is treated with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring exceptional results and a clean and safe environment.


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General Cleaning and Preparation:

This includes cleaning outdoor spaces and removing debris, thorough floor cleaning (vacuuming, washing, and carpet cleaning) to remove dust and stains, and washing windows both inside and outside.

Deep Cleaning:

This category focuses on meticulous dusting of all surfaces, including often overlooked areas such as baseboards, door frames, shelves, and cabinets, as well as cleaning ventilation systems to remove dust and debris.

Disinfection and Space Securing:

Provides disinfection services to ensure that spaces are not only visually clean but also hygienically safe, a crucial step in making places habitable or operational in the current public health context.

Finishing and Protection:

Includes the removal of paint and putty marks, polishing of special surfaces (such as stainless steel, granite, and marble), and removal of temporary protections put in place during construction to reveal and protect the finish of the materials.

Cleanliness is the foundation of comfort and health

Blessed from our service

Cleaning after construction is a crucial step for several reasons, both from a practical point of view and the well-being of future occupants. Here are some of the main reasons stressing the importance of this task :


Dispupious elimination: cleaning eliminates debris, broken glass, nails and other potentially dangerous materials that can cause accidents or injuries. Reduction of health risks: Dust and construction particles can pose risk for respiratory health. In -depth cleaning ensures the elimination of these particles, making the space safer for its occupants.

Sustainability and maintenance

Protection of materials and surfaces: cleaning eliminates residues that can damage long -term materials, such as metals corrosion or weakening of joints. Easy maintenance: a first in -depth cleaning facilitates the regular maintenance of buildings, by establishing a basic level of cleanliness.


Aesthetic appearance

Valuation of the property: Professional cleaning improves the general aspect of the property, which is crucial for customer satisfaction or to enhance the property on the real estate market. Watch out for detail: cleaning highlights the quality of construction work, allowing a final inspection of finishes without obstruction by dirt or debris.

Preparation for occupation

Ready to move: cleaning transforms a construction space into a habitable place, ensuring that it is clean, welcoming and ready to be furnished and decorated. Optimal condition for decoration : Cleaned surfaces allow for better adhesion of paints and finishes, and ensure that new floor coverings or installations are not contaminated by dust and dirt.

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Questions frequently asked

1 - Why is it crucial to perform a cleaning after construction?
Cleaning after construction removes dangerous debris, reduces health risks, protects materials and surfaces, and facilitates future maintenance. This step ensures safety, increases the durability of materials, improves the aesthetics of the property, and prepares the space for occupation, making the places habitable and welcoming for its future occupants.
2 - What is deep cleaning and why is it important?
Deep cleaning involves meticulous dusting of all surfaces, including those often overlooked such as baseboards and door frames. This type of cleaning is essential to remove accumulated dust and debris, thus improving the quality of indoor air and ensuring a hygienically safe environment.
3 - What measures do you take for disinfection and space securing?
Our disinfection services include the use of effective products and techniques to eliminate germs and viruses, ensuring a space that is not only visually clean but also hygienically safe. This step is crucial to make places habitable or operational, especially in the current public health context.
4 - What does the finishing and protection service offered by your company involve?
Our finishing and protection service includes the removal of paint and putty marks, polishing of special surfaces, and removal of temporary protections. These actions reveal and protect the finish of the materials, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the property and preserving its quality in the long term.
5 - How do your cleaning services contribute to the aesthetic value and durability of a property?
Professional cleaning not only improves the general aspect of the property, but also eliminates residues that can damage materials in the long term. By highlighting the quality of construction work and facilitating regular maintenance, our services contribute to the valuation of the property on the real estate market and ensure its durability.
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